Organdesigner (preview)

OrganDesigner provides a graphical user interface for users of GENPO (GENeral Purpose Organ) to help them create and edit organ files (".org" XML files used to describe the composition and organization of an organ). OrganDesigner can create a GENPO organ file from a SoundFont file (with user guidance); it can open existing GENPO organ files for editing.


Users of OrganDesigner 1.1.0 can:

Names of stops and divisions can include arbitrary Unicode characters (Spitzflöte, Récit, etc.). GNOME Character Map and Compose key combinations are two ways to input non-ASCII characters. SCIM does not work with OrganDesigner. Other X input methods probably work.

Note: Input of non-ASCII characters was known to work in release 1.0.0. This feature might not be working in release 1.1.0. On the other hand, it might be that the tester just hasn't got his X input methods configured right.



Not yet implemented features include:

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