OrganDesigner Screenshots

New Organ

Creating a new organ from a SoundFont file:

New Organ dialog

Main Window

Initially, all stops are located in the first division. Here some are selected so they can be moved from Pedal to Great:

Main Window 1

Next, select some stops to move to the Swell Division:

Main Window 2

After moving stops to Swell and deleting unwanted stops:

Main Window 3

Display of accented and umlauted characters:

Latin characters

Edit Dialogs

The Edit Organ dialog:

Edit Organ dialog

The Division Editor:

Division Editor

The Edit Stops dialog:

Edit Stops dialog

The Edit Stops dialog over the main window:

Edit Stops and Main Window

The Coupler Editor:

Coupler Editor

The Coupler Editor over the main window:

Coupler Editor and Main Window

The Piston editor:

Piston Editor Logo